The minari film hits the Golden Globe 2021


manusia23.eu.org - After winning the Sundance Film Festival for best direction, the Korean film "Minari" is now being shown at the Busan Film Festival.

After "Parasite" won an Oscar last year, director Lee Isaac Chung's victory who directed "Minari" is actually no longer surprising. The world seems to have not only started to like Asian films, especially Korean films, but also recognized the expertise of the directors and their stars. This was conveyed by Isaac in the press conference "Minari" last Friday (23/10) ahead of the Busan Film Festival gala performance.

“Minari” is a film about a family of Korean migrants from the 1980s who move to Arkansas to pursue their dreams in America. Isaac says the film is very close to his daily life when his grandmother moved to America and planted "minari" - a type of celery plant. This plant grows very well and can support their family.

Actor Steven Yeun, who plays the main role in this film, also has more or less the same experience as an immigrant family looking for a better life in Michigan. The actor who also played a role in "The Walking Dead" said he really understood the story in the film.

“When I migrated to America, my family came first to Canada, then to Michigan and we lived in the interior. I think as I get older, I realize how much trauma every generation of immigrants feels, ”he said.

He added that although the experiences of each family are different, "the feeling of having no place anywhere" is a common thing in migrant families who move to other countries.

“We are not Korean, nor are we Americans. There is a strange feeling as if we don't belong to anyone. It reminds me of my family when we helped each other because we really didn't have anyone. This helps me understand the motivation for my father's hard work, ”added Steven.

Furthermore, Steven Yeun said he was happy with the developments in the film industry today, which is starting to be able to accept film stories from a different perspective of the world.

"Minari", which was performed at the Sundance Film Festival last January and won a jury award, is now being shown at the Busan Film Festival. This festival, which usually takes place grandly, is scaled down due to the continuing spread of the corona virus pandemic. There are no glamorous opening and closing events, while film shows are done on a small scale. This festival will run until October 30th.

Golden Globe 2021

The film has been nominated for a Golden Globe 2021