Indonesian Jayawijaya Mountain Tourism



Dawud.eu.org - Jayawijaya Mountains is the name for the mountain ranges that stretch across the provinces of East Papua, Papua (Indonesia) to Papua New Guinea. This mountain range, which has some of the highest peaks in Indonesia, was created several thousand years ago, which originated from the lifting of the sea floor.

    The mountains of Jayawijaya have an altitude of up to 4,800 meters above sea level, which allows them to be covered with eternal snow. But due to global warming, this eternal snow is beginning to decrease and it is expected to be dried. Then, it is not impossible for these mountains to lose snow, as did what happened at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The Jayawijaya Mountains have several other lower peaks, namely:

  • Mandala Peak 4,760 masl
  • Trikora peak 4,730 masl
  • Idenberg Peak 4,673 masl
  • Yamin peak 4,535 masl
  • East Carstenz peak 4,400 masl
    This mountain is also included in the alpine glaciation type when seen from the type of glacier. Being in a place that is lower than the highest peak, can be classified into the Glacier Valley type. The valley glacier is a glacier that melts and flows into a lower place. You can emphasize, in this mountainous region there are ice rivers that you can not find this event anywhere in the world. Absolutely unique and charming. Puncak Jayawija is included in the "seven summit", namely the seven peaks of the continent and is commonly known as the pyramid of Carstenz.

    Indonesia itself is a country with a tropical climate. As you will know, this country extends over Ecuador, so there is no possibility of snow on this earth. But the law does not apply to Puncak Jayawijaya. Because cold snow continues to be stained from Puncak Jayawijaya. Really weird, but here as a certain magnetic force for Puncak Jayawijaya. This mountain is the only mountain covered with snow in the territory of Indonesia. Although not all the peaks in the mountains of Jayawijaya have snow.

    When you are there, you can find many Dani tribe. This tribe is a resident in a place that includes primitive. In his daily life, they still live with traditions, culture and even routines like humans in the stone era. Interestingly, that's what you will say when you come there because in the era today, even technology is very large, it is still this type of tribe. But here is the point of its uniqueness. Unless you can work Puncak Jayawija, who is really charming, you will get a new experience, namely, meet directly with the Dani people who are rich in culture. In the middle of them, you will feel the impression of human being in the stone era. The most incredible experience for you if you can meet in person and greet them.